Last updated on Apr 7

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To get up and running with Samespace in the shortest time possible, the key areas of focus are to have agents productively working and taking calls tomorrow.

Before starting to make calls check our network requirements and recommendations.

Step 1 - Managing Teams & Users

Samespace Admins and Managers can easily invite and manage users in their space by navigating to the team section.

Step 2 - Phone Number Management

To set up a new phone number in Samespace, navigate to Settings > Phone Numbers and click on Add. Choose country, add number and route it to team, user, flow etc.

Step 3 - Set up integration with your CRM

If CRM integration is required for the rapid deployment, see the following links for our most common integration points: Salesforce, Custom and Developer APIs

Step 4 - Set up IVR and Create AI Bots

Samespace Studio helps you to build dynamic multi-level IVRs, Voicebot and Chatbot. See the following links to set up flows and routing.

Step 5 - Create Automation

You can automate your outbound calling process with the help of Playbooks. See the following links to set up a playbook and understand different dialing modes.

Step 6 - Ready to Go

Have the agents download Dock if required. If you are using Salesforce CTI, you can use our native dialer.

Once the installation is complete, your agents can take advantage of User Onboarding Guide to get up to speed with all the great features at their disposal. Now that your agents are trained and all necessary configurations are set, your contact center is live and ready to manage calls and chat.