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Follow these steps to set up the chat and Web HiFi features on your website, empowering your agents to communicate effectively with customers.

Steps for Creating a New Web Widget

  1. Navigate to the "Web" option within the Messaging menu in Settings.
  2. Click on the + icon or "Create" button to open the dialog box for creating a new widget. Web Widget Dialog Box
  3. Fill out all the required fields in the dialog box to complete the creation of the new web widget. Web Widget Required Fields Web Widget General Settings Web Widget Chat Settings


Field Description
Website URL The URL of the website where the widget will be embedded.
Country The countries from which requests will be accepted.
Company Name The name of the company, which will be displayed in the chat window.
Theme Allows selection or customization of the brand color for the widget.
Banner CTA The message displayed on the banner of the widget.
Banner Context Additional message displayed below the banner CTA.
Orientation Determines the position of the chat/call icon.

Chat Settings

Field Description
Route To Specifies whether requests should be routed to a team or flow.
Team The team that will handle the chat, selected from a drop-down menu.
Welcome message The message displayed to visitors when they initiate a chat.
Flow The flow that will be used to route the conversation.
Attachment option Gives visitors the ability to send attachments.
Emoji option Allows visitors to send emojis.
Feedback request Enables the collection of feedback from visitors after a conversation.
Session Timeout The duration after which a non-responsive conversation will time out.

Web Hifi Settings

Field Description
Route To Request can be routed to team or flow.
Team Select the team that will handle the chat from the drop-down menu.
Request Feedback Obtain review from the visitors using this field.