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SIP Providers

Below are the steps to add a SIP provider in your account. This will allow you to make and receive calls using that provider's services. Follow the instructions to configure the provider's settings and enable outbound calling.

How to Add a Provider

Step 1: Click on the + icon to open the dialog box. Step 2: Input information in all fields

Data Fields

Field Description
Name Input the name of the SIP trunk.
Description Contains details about the SIP trunk (Optional)
IP Address Specify IP addresses that will be allowed for sending inbound calls

Outbound Call Settings

Field Description
Domain The outbound domain used for authentication of the SIP trunk.
Outbound Proxy This contains the address of the SIP proxy.
Port Displays the destination port of the SIP proxy to be used for registering the SIP trunk.
Trunk Prefix Combination of digits prepended to a telephone number dialed from the SIP trunk.
Username SIP Username of the SIP trunk.
Password The password of the SIP username.
Map Caller Ids Used to set up trunk-specific caller IDs. It will take precedence over User or team-specified caller ID.
Media Server Used to specify preferred media-server for the telephone provider in the cluster.