Last updated on Apr 6

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A scorecard is a crucial tool for any contact center striving to enhance customer service and optimize agent performance. It offers a transparent and impartial assessment of performance and can be employed to pinpoint areas for improvement, monitor progress, and make informed decisions based on data analysis.

Steps for creating a scorecard

Step 1: To create a new scorecard, navigate to the "Scorecard" option in Settings. Then, click on the "Add" button to open the dialog box for creating a new scorecard.

Step 2: Fill out all the required fields in the dialog box to complete the creation of the scorecard.

Evaluating Phone or Chat Conversations

Step 1: Navigate to "Analytics," then choose either "Team Calls" or "Team Chats" under "Reports" to evaluate.

Step 2: Choose a specific call/chat transcript to assess and under the "Evaluation" tab select the scorecard created to evaluate the call/chat and click on "Start Evaluation".

Step 3: After choosing a rating and adding notes (if desired), click "Save" to record the information.