Last updated on Apr 10

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Integrating Samespace with Viber allows businesses to automate their customer service through chatbots and live agents on the Viber messaging platform. This integration enables businesses to provide a seamless customer service experience to their customers on Viber, increasing efficiency and improving customer satisfaction. By integrating Samespace with Viber, businesses can streamline their customer service operations and ensure that customers receive timely and accurate responses to their queries.

Follow these simple steps to seamlessly integrate Samespace with Viber:

Step 1: Navigate to the “Settings” icon and select “Apps” option from the sidebar menu

Step 2: Choose Viber integration option

Step 3: Click on the “Connect” button. Clicking on connect will open up a dialog box on the right side of the screen

Step 4: Input information in the fields mentioned on the dialog box and you are all set.

Field Details

Fields Description
Name Displays the name given to the integration
Route This field enables you to route to any team or a flow
Name Displays the name of the flow or team where routing is done
Page Token Enter the “Page Token” which is found in Viber

Note: An active Viber account is needed to receive the login code to access the bot creation page.