Last updated on Apr 6

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Outbound Calls

  • Do Not allow calls outside business hours: This feature blocks outgoing calls outside of designated business hours.

  • Caller ID: Displays the provided phone number to the recipient.

  • Dial Access List: Allows you to select a pre-defined list of countries that are permitted for outgoing calls.

  • Dial Plan: Based on your selection, this feature adjusts the country code for dialed phone numbers. It can also inherit a Dial Plan at the team level.

  • Recording:

  1. Enable agents to pause call recordings: When this checkbox is selected, agents can pause call recordings directly from the dock.

  2. Recording Ruleset: You can now set different recording rules for different users or destinations.

    Source: Use this field to select a specific country or choose "any" to allow calls from any location.

    Destination: Use this field to select a specific individual to receive the call.

    Action: The following call recording options are supported:

    • Agent + Contact: This option records calls for both the agent and the customer.

    • Agent Only: This option records calls only for the agent making the call.

    • Contact Only: This option records calls only for the customer on the call.

    • Off: This is the default setting and disables call recording options.

  • Hold Music: Enables to set hold music is played when the customer is put on hold by the agent.

  • After call work (ACW): Sets ideal duration for a team member to select tags and take notes post call.

  • CSAT: If enabled, a CSAT response is recorded post call.