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Playbooks automatically dials phone numbers from a list and routes answered calls to available agents. They are used to increase the efficiency of outbound calling operations and can be programmed to dial a large number of phone numbers in a short period of time.

Playbooks offer various dialling modes that determine how calls are placed and routed. These modes include:

Preview Dialling

This mode is a user-friendly dialing mode that enables the dialer to select a customer record and propose a call to the agent, who can then preview the caller's information before initiating contact. This mode is particularly useful in high-value campaigns where sales processes are intricate and agents are responsible for managing individual accounts.

In addition, the Dial Delay Between Calls feature can be utilized to assign a time delay before the next contact in the campaign is dialed. This enables the user to research the lead thoroughly before the next number is dialed, ensuring that agents are better prepared for the call and can provide a more personalized customer experience.

Note: Dial Delay triggers after ACW.

Progressive Dialling

A Progressive Dialer is a powerful tool that automatically paces dialing based on recent connection and abandonment rates, connecting only when an agent is available. This efficient system runs through your calling lists, automatically dialing the next number as soon as the previous call is completed, significantly reducing wait times and increasing overall productivity.

While similar to Preview Dialing, there is one crucial difference. With Progressive Dialing, agents cannot skip a phone number and choose when to start calling as customer data is predetermined in the system by the administrator. This means that once the system completes one call, it will automatically dial the next number on the list without any input from the agent. This ensures a steady pace of outbound calls and eliminates any downtime between calls.

Predictive Dialling

A Predictive Dialer is a tool that utilizes advanced algorithms to collect and analyze data, predicting an agent's availability and average call answer time, and placing outbound calls just before the agent is ready to receive the call. This dialing mode automatically dials multiple contacts at once until a live person answers, and then transfers the call to the next available agent, ensuring that agents are always engaged in productive conversations. It also detects busy tones and answering machines, bypassing them and only routing calls to agents when a live person is connected.

The Predictive Dialing mode in Samespace also offers the feature AMD. AMD stands for Answering Machine Detection, which is a technology used in predictive dialing systems to determine whether a call is answered by a human or an answering machine. By detecting answering machines, AMD helps to optimize the use of agents' time by avoiding them being connected to calls that will not result in productive conversations. AMD can help improve the efficiency of call centers and increase the number of successful contacts made by agents.

This dialing mode is recommended for high-volume and low-margin outbound contact centers where efficiency and cost per call are critical factors. However, it is essential to note that the administrator or manager must decide on the Target Abandoned Rate, as Predictive Dialing mode can result in a higher abandonment rate than other dialing modes. Despite this, it remains an incredibly efficient and effective tool for outbound calling operations.

AI Call Flow

An AI-Based Dialing Mode is a cutting-edge tool that utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to assess whether a lead is qualified based on various factors. Once the AI bot determines that a lead meets the predetermined criteria, it sends a signal to the dialer to connect the lead to a specific agent who is best equipped to handle the call. This mode is highly effective for businesses with a high volume of leads that require sorting based on specific parameters, such as demographics or previous interactions with the company. By automating lead qualification and routing, AI-Based Dialing Mode can significantly increase agent productivity and improve the overall customer experience.