Last updated on Apr 6

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The Timeset feature in the Autodialer allows you to set the start and end times for your outbound campaigns. This can be useful if you have sales teams in different time zones and want to set up campaigns that are tailored to their availability. Using the Timeset section, you can create campaigns that are based on the local time zones of your sales teams.

The Data Fields section allows you to set up and customize your timeset. Here's what each field does:

  • Name: This is where you enter the name for your timeset.
  • Timezone: Use the drop-down menu to select the time zone that you want to use for your timeset.
  • From: This field lets you set the starting time for your playbook.
  • To: This field lets you set the ending time for your playbook.
  • Schedule: Use this field to specify when you want the timeset to be active.