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Contact Views

Contacts in Samespace are the people you're selling or supporting. All actions associated with these contacts in Samespace will be automatically tracked on the contact's specific detail view page.

Note: If you need additional fields in your account, we suggest creating custom fields for that purpose.

Adding a Contact

There are multiple ways to add a contact in Samespace:

  1. Manually add a contact by clicking the + icon in the contact list view.
  2. Import a spreadsheet of contacts to bring your existing contact list with you into Samespace.

When you add a new contact, it is important to have at least first name, last name, and either email or mobile number. Apart from that, you can make any attribute compulsory in the settings section.

Assigning Contact Owner

You can assign contact in multiple ways:

  1. While adding a contact, you can select the contact owner. The contact owner can edit, delete any details regarding the contact.
  2. You can update/add contact owner with bulk action. To do so, simply click on the checkbox in the table view, click on edit option and choose contact owner attribute.
  3. You can also update the contact owner from the detail view of a contact. To do so, click on the contact, click on pencil icon in the detail view.


The Contacts option will be visible to every type of user in Samespace.

  1. Admin can view, edit and delete all the contacts.
  2. Users with Agent access can see contacts assigned to them as well as contacts created by them.
  3. Managers can see contacts created by users from their team as well as contacts created by them.
  4. Users with supervisor access can see contacts assigned and created by them.

Note: Each space id can have up to 20,000 contacts. To increase this limit, you can contact your account manager.

Contact Detail View

The contact detail view is useful to see all the activities related to a contact. Users can filter calls, emails, SMS by team or user. Users can listen to the recording of past calls. The contact detail view provides an option to schedule future callbacks as well as canceling future playbook activities.

On the right-hand side of the detail view, users will be provided with all the attributes related to the contact. Users can search or edit particular attributes from this view.

Creating Views

By default, Samespace provides an "All" view which shows all the contacts in your account based on the privilege. Users can create additional views based on different filters like owner, different industry, location, lead score, etc. To create view click on +view option in contacts section. These custom views will be dynamic in nature, so any new contact matching the particular filter will be automatically shown in the appropriate view.

Note: Users can create up to 30 views.

Once contact lists are created, users can use them in the Playbook section of Samespace to automate the sales process.

API Integration

It is possible to add contacts via API. Please refer to the developer section for the detailed documentation.