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Salesforce Dock

Samespace's integration with Salesforce allows you to make and receive calls directly from the sales or service platform. This turns Salesforce into a powerful business phone system that can help streamline your workflow.


To get started with the integration, first use this link to install the Samespace CTI. Once the installation is complete, navigate to the setup page and type "call center" in the Quick Find box. Then, enable user access for the Samespace dialer.

Next, create a new Softphone layout assignment with Samespace as its name and set it as the default layout. You can then set up the screen popup, which is controlled directly through the Salesforce popup settings within the softphone layout options.

Once the Salesforce Administrator has enabled the integration, agents can connect their Samespace account by logging in to Salesforce Lightning, opening the Salesforce app, clicking on the Phone icon at the bottom of the screen, and signing in with their Samespace credentials.

Place Calls

Agents can place calls without leaving Salesforce, either by CTI (click to call) or with the native dialer. During the call, they'll have access to features like hold, DTMF, notes, and add call. Agents can even search the entire company directory.

Call Controls

Mute and Hold: To mute a call, click the "Mute" button. While on mute, you can hear your caller but the caller cannot hear you. To place a call on hold, click the "Hold" button.

Call Transfers

  1. Blind Transfer: Transfer the caller to a team or another agent without speaking to the new agent first. The agent you select will hear their phone ring and can accept or reject the transfer. Once the call is accepted, it will be dropped on your end.
  2. Warm Transfer: Speak with the new agent before transferring the call. You can tell the destination agent about the caller's issue and give any background information before transferring the call (without the caller hearing). Then, all three parties can speak together.

Call Conferencing: Call conferencing lets you add guests to a call. A guest can be another agent, a customer/prospect/lead, or a manager. To add one or more guests to the call for a conference call, click the "Add icon".

Taking Notes: Agents can take notes during a call by pressing the notes icon. If the manager enabled the Tags option in team settings, agents can also choose tags. In case of Hubspot Integration, agents can see more options that are native to Hubspot.

Handling Chat Requests

Samespace provides a comprehensive omnichannel feature set that enables agents to manage customer inquiries across multiple channels, including chat, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter. Additionally, agents can add notes, apply tags to conversations, and request assistance from other users.


If you need to change the outbound calling team, you can do so by going to preferences, clicking on the user avatar, and changing the team.

To chage your status, simply click on status Dropdown. While you are in away mode, you will not receive any new inbound call/chat requests.

Playbook Calls

Additionally, agents can receive campaign calls on their dialer as soon as their manager starts the campaign from the Samespace Web application. Agents will be able to see lead details and call scripts on their dialer, and based on the settings defined by the campaign manager, they'll get the option to accept or deny calling and the dial delay period. Agent's notes tags and other call details are stored in Samespace Object inside Salesforce.

User Insights

Finally, agents can see their performance metrics like the number of calls made, their average call duration, and total session time within their native Samespace CTI.