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Monitoring & Coaching

Division of Team Card

Every team card in the Pulse section is divided into three parts:

  1. Queue: Shows number of calls, chats in the queue.
  2. Agents: Shows logged-in agent stats like idle, online currently, and away.
  3. Sessions: Shows currently active chat and call session count.

Advanced Details

Click on the team name to get a detailed view of all the agents. You will be able to see the below-mentioned statistics:

Idle Time: This metric display the time the agent was not handling call or chat.

Session Duration: Display the duration of call or chat.

Number of Calls for that Session: This metric shows the number of calls handled in that session.

Number of Chats for that Session: This shows the number of chats handled in that session.

Average Call Duration: This shows the average duration the calls lasted.

Total Duration: Display the whole duration of the call.

Active Conversations: This shows the number of active conversations.

How to Monitor and Coach Agents

Step 1: Click on the name of the agent you wish to monitor or coach

Step 2: Select the "Monitor" or "Coach" option based on your requirement.

How to Force Logout an Agent

Step 1: Click on the three-dotted button on the extreme right side of the screen.

Step 2: Click on Force Logout.