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CSAT Report

The CSAT report provides valuable insights into the performance of your customer satisfaction (CSAT) ratings. This report can help administrators, agents, supervisors, and managers to review completion rates, CSAT scores, and response rates over a specific time frame. By analyzing these metrics, you can gain a better understanding of your customers' satisfaction levels and identify areas for improvement in your customer service strategy.

Now let’s look at all the parameters of the CSAT report individually

Parameters Description
Date Represents the date at which the CSAT response was recorded
Agent The name of the agent conversing with the customer
Team The team name who have CSAT recording enabled
Caller Displays the number of the person making the call
Callee Person receiving the call
Call direction Represents whether the call was outbound or inbound
Questions Displays the questions on the CSAT survey
Answers Displays the answers recorded for the questions asked on CSAT

Note: The exported version of the report has an extra parameter session ID. The report can be filtered based on CSAT name, team, direction, caller, callee, conversation tag, and agent.