Add User

June 25, 2021

Once logged in to Samespace, navigate to the User section. Click on the '+' Sign to the extreme right to add a new user.


Fill in the basic information for the new user. Fields Name, Username and Password are required.


You can override dock settings for single user just by enabling dock settings.

Some of the important configuration properties are

SkillsSkills are userful for routing inbound calls to correct agent.
TeamDefine department for particular agent. eg. Support
Client TypeDefine Client for receiving inbound calls/chats and making outbound calls.
PrivilegesDefine user role in samespace

Samespace offers 4 type of Privileges for the users. Based on the role, user can perform certain actions. eg. User with admin role will have ability to change global settings, Agent can only use Samespace Dock/salesforce CTI. Supervisor will be responsible for his team and he can see pulse of his team.

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