June 25, 2021

Once logged in to Samespace navigate to the Teams section and select the team you wish to edit. Go to the Preferences tab and click on the Queue Settings link to modify settings for the selected team.


Queue Settings

Play before placing in queuePlayed as soon as a caller enters in a queue
Play while in queuePlayed while a caller is in the queue
Announce approx. wait timeUse to announce approx wait time
Announce position in queueAnnounce Caller position in queue
Offer CallbackOffer your customer callback option if defined wait time exceeds
Queue AnnouncementAnnounce greeting in an user defined interval
Queue TimeoutDefine max. queue time
Timeout ActionsDefine action to be taken on timeout
Service LevelDefine SLA time, SLA reports will be calculated based on this time

Apart from that manager/admin can enable queue notification for agents. once enabled agent will get notification about current queue status.

Manager can also enable Sticky Agent settings, which connects customers with the previously interacted agent when available.

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Queue Settings