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June 25, 2021

Teams are groups of users with similar job function, geography, etc. Users can be grouped into teams basis any commonality between those users. Teams allow for easier call routing, user management and reporting.

Samespace Users that have been added to a Team are also referred to as Members of that team.


Benefits of Creating Teams on Samespace

  1. Streamline inbound and outbound processes in a contact center

  2. Configure settings such as Caller IDs, Dial Access Groups, Voicemail Greetings and more for groups of users

  3. Easily & efficiently route inbound calls to the right destination

  4. Create custom tags that assign context to conversations

  5. Assign teams as destination routes to instances like inbound phone numbers, IVR flows, campaign groups and more

  6. Automate outbound dialling with Campaigns

To Add team just click on add from teams page. Fill in the name for the new team. Choose the members you’d like to add by typing either their name, skill, or team into the search bar. Once done, you can click Next at the bottom of the page.


On the second step, manager can define outbound, inbound calls/chat and other important parameters.

Click on finish to add new team. You can edit this parameters by going to Teams Section.

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Benefits of Creating Teams on Samespace