June 25, 2021

User can Design customer interaction flows within Samespace with help of Studio. These flows are omnichannel and helps to solve many use cases.


Samespace offers built in tools to design chatbots, voicebots, IVR and many more.


AnswerUsed to answer inbound conversations for both voice/chat channels
SIP MapUsed to map SIP headers in call e.g. Customer Name, Account Number
SayUsed to add TTS message/greeting.
PlayUsed to play message/greeting in a flow.
MessageUsed to send message to customer in chat
AttachmentUsed to send Attachment to customer.
ButtonsUsed to make rich media flows (buttons/quick replies)
SMSUsed to send outbound message to one/many numbers
IntentUsed to capture customer intent with speech or dtmf in case of call
SlotUsed to capture details like name, email, number or any custom entity
ConditionUsed to branch flows based on some condition
Date & TimeUsed to branch flows based on date & time e.g. Business/non Business hours
ConnectUsed to connect to team/agent/external number or SIP URI
RedirectUsed to redirect flow to another one
WebhookUsed to post or get some data through Webhook calls
FunctionsUsed to run cloud function defined in samespace in a flow.
TagsUsed to map tags, skills to a ongoing flow
SalesforceUsed to fetch data from Salesforce e.g. Lead Status
RoutingUsed to branch flows based on different channels (Voice/Chat/Social Media)
EndUsed to end an ongoing conversation
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