June 25, 2021

Samespace providers a way to add custom entities. This entities are useful to capture Customer/Lead intent with help of Slot block. To add an entity jusy click on settings in Studio.

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To add entity user must provide name of the entity e.g. Department and its values. e.g. Sales, Support.

User can add multiple entity values by simply separating them with comma.

Apart from custom/user defined entities, Samespace also provides system entities which are accessible in flow with prefix of sys.

Some of the common system defined entities are

sys.personUsed to detect person name
sys.emailUsed to detect email addresses
sys.phoneUsed to detect phone numbers
sys.anyUsed to capture general things
sys.orgUsed to capture organization names
sys.ipUsed to capture ip addresses
sys.dateUsed to capture dates
sys.cardinalUsed to capture numbers
sys.placeUsed to capture places
sys.moneyUsed to capture words related to money, e.g. 1000 USD
sys.digitsUsed to capture digits

sys.digit also captures DTMF input in case of voice channel.

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