June 25, 2021

IP phones or softphones used by your teams can be easily mapped and configured on Samespace as a SIP Endpoint.

Adding SIP Endpoint

Within the Samespace platform, navigate to the menu section by clicking the menu icon next to your profile picture. From the dropdown, select the SIP link to head over to the SIP Settings section in Samespace.

Samespace Menu

Navigate to the SIP Endpoints section, and click the ‘+’ button to the top right.

SIP Endpoints

The SIP User ID and the Password fields will be prefilled. You simply have to select which user you would like to route this endpoint to. Once configured, click Save at the bottom of the page to confirm SIP Endpoint creation.

The mapped user can be modified after endpoint creation as well through the SIP Endpoint list.

Edit SIP Endpoints

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Adding SIP Endpoint