Getting Started

June 25, 2021

To get your business up and running with Samespace, follow the steps shared below:

  1. Once you have created your first user through the account activation link sent to your admin email, you simply need to visit the sign in page and log in with your Cloud ID, username and password.

  2. Once logged in, the first thing you want to do is map and route your business phone numbers on Samespace. This can be done within the SIP section of Samespace.

  3. Next, you need to create a User. A User represents an employee in your business, who can be assigned privilege levels based on your team heirarchy. All operations on Samespace are performed by a User. You will see one user already created(yours).

  4. After creating the required amount of Users, you need to create a Team. A Team is a group of Samespace users, grouped by a common parameter such as job function or location. Teams allow for better reporting, call routing, and overall management.

  5. To use the Samespace Dock for calling and chatting, download the Samespace Dock Chrome extension. Simply login using the same User credentials and you’re good to go!

It is compulsory for a User to be part of atleast one team so they might access the Samespace Dock.

System & Network Requirements


  • We prefer using computers with at least 4GB RAM and recommend 8GB RAM for Samespace to function seamlessly.

  • Preferably use a Wired network to connect to the internet if available rather than a Wifi network to ensure consistent LAN connectivity.

Mic Permissions

  • Make sure you have a device/computer with mic and speakers built-in or the headsets plugged in before you login into Samespace dock

  • On first successful login, the browser will prompt for mic permissions; ensure to click “Allow” for seamless voice communication.


  • The bandwidth used for a single phone call is around 64kbps. This might vary from 50kbps to 75kbps. This bandwidth is required by audio alone; the application will tend to use a little more data to communicate other required information with our systems which will extend the bandwidth requirement to around 100kbps per user.

  • Please note; your users might also be using CRMs and other data-intensive applications along with Samespace and hence it is important to size your bandwidth accordingly.

Router and QoS

  • If your router supports QoS, prioritize the traffic to the above-mentioned IP Addresses and Ports. This will ensure your voice traffic gets preference over other data applications providing better audio

  • If your router supports SIP ALG (Application Level Gateway) functions or SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection); please disable these functions

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System & Network Requirements