June 25, 2021

From Dock Settings, admin can change dock configuration properties which will affect entire call center.

To access this section, navigate to the menu section by clicking the menu icon next to your profile picture. From the dropdown, select the Dock Settings link.

Samespace Menu

Any Admin user can change following dock settings

Samespace Menu

Auto HideHides the dock when not in use. Hovering overDock makes it visible
Auto AnswerForces a user into the Pause status upon rejecting an incoming call
Auto Pause on no answerAutomatically connects to incoming calls for the user
Mask Phone NumberHide all incoming numbers from the user
Click to callEnables click to dial call on webpage
Block Manual DialingBlocks users to dial number
Chats per userConcurrent chat limit for the users
Pause ReasonsCustom reason to be selected by user when needs to take a break.
Telephony EndpointsDevice from which agent is allowed to make/receive calls.
Network SecurityRestrict login access from untrusted IP addresses or networks
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