June 25, 2021

Making Calls

Simply click on phone icon and dial the number. User can call another agent or team just by typing the name of user/team.


User can also dial number from the call logs by pressing history icon.

Call History is only visible if it is enabled by the admin in dock settings.


Logged in users can use this feature to make calls to any number displayed on a webpage. Simply hover over the number you wish to call, and you will get an option to copy the number or call it immediately from the dock.

This feature helps reduce outreach time by eliminating the process of actually typing in a number, thus increasing the number of total calls made.

Click to call

Receiving Calls and chats

User will receive a dock notification for any incoming call/chat. The user can choose to accept it, by clicking on Hello . If the user rejects it by clicking on Busy, the call will be routed to another available team member.

If all users who receive the call reject it by clicking on Busy, the incoming call will keep bouncing between available members. To prevent multiple call transfers to the same user, managers can enable the Auto-Pause on No answer setting so that incoming calls enter the Queue.

incoming call

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