Schedule Campaign

June 25, 2021

Campaigns are sets of contact lists that are created to be dialed out to automatically. Campaigns are an important part of call automation to reduce outreach time for agents.

Once logged in to Samespace, navigate to the Campaigns section. The Campaigns section will show a list of created campaigns for automated dialling. click on + to create new campaign.

Campaign List

Give campaign a name, select team/flow and choose dialing mode.

Add Campaign

Campaigns and Teams have a 1-to-1 association. This means one Campaign can only have one Team assigned to it at a time and vice-versa

Upload CSV File of your contacts/leads. Make sure that CSV must contain a column phone_number.

Add Campaign

If your CSV contains priority/agend id, system will automatically caters that info and dial accordingly.

Campaign Insights

Manager/Admin can see performance of the campaign by going inside the campaign. Samespace also provides a way to append or reset exsisting data source. Just press advanced option icon and click the desired link.

Reset and Append Data Source

You can add 5 leadsets/data source per campaign and at a time only one data source can be started.

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Campaign Insights