June 25, 2021

Productivity displays a thorough breakdown of each team member’s stats - total session time, inbound calls handled, outbound calls made, and more. It shows you how your users are utilizing their time while logged in, helping you evaluate their overall efficiency.

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Productivity Report Metrics

ConversationsTotal number of conversations.
Session DurationTotal Session duration for particular time range
Avg. waitAvg. Wait Duration for customers
AHTAvg. Handling Time (Call Duration + Wrapup)
ACDAvg. time spent by agent on outbound calls
ACWAvg. time spent by agent on post call wrap-up
Avg. Away timeAvg. duration for which agent was on away

Below the summary graph, you can see agent breakdown. with additional metrics like queue calls take and number of outbound calls made.

Manager/Admin can export Productivity, Session and Away Breakdown by clicking on export button.

User can see away breakdown of particular agent by simply clicking on away time of that agent.

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Productivity Report Metrics